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With all major mobile service providers now offering 4G network in Kenya, high speed internet is becoming popular across the country. Almost all major towns and cities have the network. It started with Safaricom then Telkom and Jamii Telecom, and after a long wait, Airtel have started to offer the network.

4G’ Network | Source: Wikimedia Commons

Safaricom 4G Network

Safaricom 4G network became available in 2014 and now covers all the 47 counties in Kenya. It has over one million users, most of them being located in the cities. The telecom also offers data bundles for this network, which are cheaper and great for heavy use.

Telkom 4G Network

Telkom 4G Network was launched when the mobile service provider was still referred to as Orange. According to the telecom, the network allows you to access content at 5 times normal data speeds. It is available in the cities and also in more than 30 towns across the country.

Jamii Telecom 4G Network

First, Jamii Telecom is a new mobile service provider but offers fast and reliable web connection. It uses advanced fiber optic tech and its data bundles are priced fairly. The network is available in the cities and also in more than 20 towns.

Airtel 4G Network

As mentioned above, Airtel was the last to join the fastest network. According to the mobile firm, its new network offers greater speeds and also better responsiveness. It is only available in Nairobi and Mombasa, but it is likely to hit other major urban areas very soon.

In conclusion, to enjoy the high speed internet in Kenya, you need to have a 4G ready phone and simcard and of course be in a covered area. There are amazing things you can do with this network including faster movie downloads, movie and video streaming, transfer of photos and other files and also online gaming.

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