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1GB @ Ksh. 99

Heard it right! Airtel Kenya customers have something to smile about after the telecom introduced 1GB data bundle plan for only KSh. 99. This is however a daily bundle, so it expires in 24 hours.

Airtel Kenya 1GB Data Bundles for KSh. 99
Airtel Logo | Source: Pixabay

This data bundle is way too cheap! Safaricom offers 200MB at the same price. The Safaricom data is however a weekly bundle, so you enjoy longer browsing times.

Other New Affordable Data Bundle Plans

This data plan has been introduced alongside other affordable plans, which has signaled better browsing times for the customers. Some of these other plans include 2GB weekly data bundle for Ksh. 249 and also 1GB monthly data bundle for Ksh. 300.

Other Existing Data Bundles

The giant telecom has been offering cheap data for some time. Some of its existing cheap data plans include 1GB @ 300/= for 30 days, 2GB @ 500/= for 30 days, 6GB @ 1000/= for 30 days, 10GB @ 1500 for 30 days, 15GB @ 2000 for 30 days and also 24GB @ 3000 for 30 days.

How to Access the Data Bundle

It is simple to access the new affordable data bundles from Airtel Kenya. If you are an Airtel Kenya customer, you need to dial *544*1# from your line. You then need to choose your preferred bundle to subscribe and you are good to go!

Will the Data Plans Be There Forever?

Well, it remains to be seen. Some of these extremely cheap bundles do not last forever. Most of them are offered as promotions and also take less than 6 months in the market. So just enjoy it when it lasts.

Great for Downloads!

Well, these data bundles are pretty big, so you can use them to download content before they expire. You can download PDF files, music, videos and even movies. You can also download all your favourite apps, software and programs.

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