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According to Google, Android 8.0 (Oreo) comes with better security features, making your phone more secure. The tech giant has also improved the security of the new version, bringing higher protection to the devices. Some of these new features are new Verified Boot, new OEM Lock Hardware Abs’ Layer (HAL) and also an isolated WebView. Read on to learn more about these new Oreo features.

Android 8.0 Oreo Security Enhanced Features Kenya
Android 8.0 Oreo Logo | Source: Wikimedia Commons

Android Verified Boot 2.0

The outgoing Verified Boot stopped devices from booting up with ‘bad’ software. But the new version now stops devices from booting if they gets an older OS version. Other uses of this feature are common footer format, roll back safe and also threat prevention.

Android Oreo OEM Lock Hardware Abs’ Layer (HAL)

This feature allows device makers to add protection when a device is locked, unlocked and also when unlockable. It can thwart thieves from stealing devices and also resetting them.

Tamper Resistant Hardware

Google and Android has used a chip in this feature to prevent software and also hardware attacks on devices. This feature also resists entry attacks.

Android Oreo Control Flow Integ’on (CFI)

The tech giant has enabled this feature across all media to disallow changes to the control flow graph. This makes it harder for attackers to perform ‘bad’ activities.

Isolated WebView

To achieve this, Google has split the rendering engine into a new process. It has also run the engine in a new sandbox to stop external resources.

In conclusion, Google has included other minor but useful security features such as sec comp filtering, PAN copying and also new user copy. Other features include Kernel Address Space Layout Random’tion and also a new isolation that removes direct hardware access from the media channels. So security is well taken care of in this new version.

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