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According to my own experience, Android P (9 Pie) is smarter, faster and more adaptive. It is full of new features, changes and also improvements. Read on to see Android P (9 Pie) new features, changes and highlights.

Android P (9 Pie) Review, New Features, Changes and Highlights
Android P (9 Pie) Illustr | Source: Wiki Commons


Under display, Android 9 comes with a display cut-out to allow you make use of the available space. There is also an edge-to-edge screen support for devices with 18:9 aspect ratio and more.

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Accessibility on Android Pie

For people with a hand disability, the new Android version now allows them to do things such navigation and taking screenshots with one hand. There is also OCR in Camera View and for S2S in Pictures for accessing, highlighting and reading text aloud. In addition, there is a sound amplifier with over 100 settings.

Some Enhancements in Notifications

With Android P, you can now reply messages on the notification bar and get some reply drafts. You can also see images right in the bar. Moreover, you can easily turn off the alerts and get a smart prompt before the action.

Battery and Brightness

Features under battery and brightness include battery saver (turns off Always-On Display Plus), adaptive battery (spends power on useful apps), adaptive brightness (sets screen brightness) and background restrictions (shows app power usage).

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Incredible Camera Features

On the side of the camera, Android Pie allows you to use two or more camera at once. It also allows you to work with USB Video Class cameras.

Takes Care of Your Time

First, Do Not Disturb now handles all kinds of interruptions – sound, visuals and calls. Second, Android P allows you to see the time spent on your phone and also set your schedule and daily limits.

Excellent in the Work Place

The new android makes it possible to share a device with, for example, other workers. It also allows you to separate office and home apps. In addition, there is Postpone Over-the-Air (OTA) to prevent any updates that may interfere with the data stored in the phone.


There is a lot under media! First, there is multiple Bluetooth connection that can work with up to five Bluetooth devices. Second, there is sound delay reporting (sync audio and video) and volume memory per Bluetooth device for remembering set volume for devices. Other media features include HDR, HD Audio and also HEIF.

Android Pie Privacy and Security Features

These features include backups (with encryption), biometric prompt (with an improved authentication), protected confirmation (with an UI support), StrongBox (for securing private keys) and also restricted access (for sensors and web).

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Google has added awesome changes in the system, one of them being At-a-Glance on Always-on-Display which allows you to see things on your lock screen. It has also added changes in the quick settings, volume controls, screenshots and rotation. In addition, Google has altered the system navigation, app actions, interactive snippets (slices) and overview selection.

In conclusion, Android P (9 Pie) is already available in some Google’s devices – Pixel and Nexus. To get this version on your phone, tablet or any other device, you just need to update the outgoing version (only if the latest update is available). For smaller or older devices, Google has Android Pie Go Edition for them.

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