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In order to take on Google and grab a big share of the education market, Apple has released a learning iPad, stylus pencil and also a number of software. The iPad has the pencil support and features awesome things such as Touch ID, HD Face Time camera, 8-MP rear camera and also the A10 Fusion chip. The software in question include Schoolwork, iWork and also Everyone Can Create.

Apple Enters Education Market with iPad, Stylus Pencil and Software
iPad and Stylus Pencil | Source: Wiki Commons

Apple Education iPad

The iPad has a 9.7-inch screen and two cameras – HD Face Time and 8-MP rear cameras. It also has Touch ID, iOS 11 support and convenient storage options. Other features include A10 Fusion chip, stylus pencil support, case with keyboard and also a 10-hour life battery.

The price of the Apple “education” iPad in Kenya is in the range KSh. 30,000 and KSh. 33,000 (around $300 and $330). The price is higher for non-school buyers. With the case, the price increases to KSh. 40,000 and KSh. 43,000 (around $400 and $430).

Apple Stylus Pencil

This is a new pencil dubbed Logitech Crayon and comes with orange bands. It is sold separately at a price of KSh. 5,000 (around $50). The old pencil is also applicable in the new iPad and is sold at KSh. 9,000 and KSh. 10,000 (around $90 and $100).

Learning Software

The main software is the Schoolwork app which allows teachers to manage classrooms online. It helps teachers to give out digital assignments and also track the performance of the students.

Another software is iWork which consists of apps that deal with pages, numbers and also keynotes. In addition, there is the Everyone Can Create which is a creative classroom tool that deals with drawing, photography, music and video.

In conclusion, the Apple’s project will make the online learning easier and more efficient. It will also bring convenience and reduce the teacher’s workload. As for the tech giant, it will bring in some more revenue and facilitate the growth of the company.

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