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After getting feedback from iPhone users about slow battery performance, Apple has decided to offer some solutions to satisfy the customers and also regain their trust. The tech giant has, first of all, apologized to the users.

Apple Addresses Customers’ Over Poor iPhone Battery Performance
iPhone Battery Icons | Source: Wikimedia Commons

Apple Clarifies the Issue

Over the past few days, Apple has received a lot of blame concerning the poor iPhone battery performance. The tech firm is even facing lawsuit! But the firm has clarified the issue saying that it didn’t do anything intentionally to slow down older iPhones.

Apple Says Batteries Age

The company went on to talk about how batteries become less effective with time. It said that their batteries chemically age and also their ability to hold a charge reduces with time. It advises customers to avoid leaving or charging a battery in a hot environment.

Solutions to the Poor iPhone Performance

First, the company has reduced battery price. Users will be able to buy batteries for iPhone 6 or later at $29 from $79. This will happen through Dec. 2018.

Second, the company will issue a helpful iOS software update in 2018. The new update will come with new features that will keep batteries in good health. It will also help users know situations and also conditions that are affecting batteries.

Third, the firm will improve the user experience. It will improve how they manage performance and also come up with measures that prevent unexpected shutdowns.

In addition, the company will improve software that improves power management during peak workloads. This software came with iOS 10.2.1 and will be enhanced in iPhone 6s and also iPhone SE. It will manage performance and also prevent shutdowns.

In conclusion, Apple will have to implement these solutions as soon as possible to regain loyalty and also trust of the affected users. Here at TechAppeala, we hope the performance of the older phones will return to normal.

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