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As part of CSR, Asus Kenya and FGEE Technology Ltd will donate 2000 laptops and also desktops to a number of schools in Kenya. The project will take place in the 7 years and will help boost technology in students and schools.

Asus and FGEE to Donate Computers to Kenyan Schools
ASUS Logo | Source: Wikimedia Commons

Project Launched at Thika High School

The program kicked off at Thika High School and saw the school get 20 computers. According to the school admin, the computers will help students kickstart their creativity and innovation journey and also help tutors in teaching.

Project Part of the ASUS Computer Recycling and Education Program

According to ASUS, this project is part of the firm’s Computer Recycling and Education Program. The program has been around since 2008 and facilitates donation of computers and creation of digital centers and also curriculum.

So far, the Taiwanese firm, known for quality products, has donated more than 8,000 computers to more than 25 countries. It has also helped in the construction of tens of computer labs and digital centers across the world.

Government Urged to Partner with Tech Firms

The two firms – ASUS and FGEE also urged the Kenyan government to partner with tech firms to help promote technology in learning institutions. The government is already providing pupils with laptops and also partnered with Huawei to boost the ICT sector. They also asked investors and donors to help boost tech which, according to many people, is the future.

In addition, the two companies urged the government to review the taxes imposed on the IT products, especially those that are used in learning institutions.

In conclusion, ASUS and FGEE are doing a great job! The future is truly tech and it will be bright if young people get involved in tech. If more firms can come up with the same ideas, the country would be on a clear path to creativity and innovation.

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