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Binatone BLG-451 is an improved model of the Binatone BLG-402, and is one of the most efficient blenders in the world of appliances. With features such as steel blades, 2 speed modes and also a toughened glass, the blender can grind a number of foodstuffs in a quicker and easier way. Read on to see Binatone BLG-451 blender specs, features and price in Kenya.

Binatone BLG-451 Blender Specs, Features and Price in Kenya
Binatone BLG-451 | Source: Wikimedia Commons

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Binatone BLG-451 Blender Capacity

Like most blenders, the BLG-451 has a capacity of 1.5 liters. With this capacity, the appliance can grind foodstuffs enough for a family or even office staff.


The blades feature stainless steel which means that they don’t contaminate your food with harmful metal and chemical elements. The blades are also strong enough to grind tough foods such as nuts and coffee beans.

Motor and Speed Modes

The motor has a power rating of 350W and allows the blender to run on 2 speed-pulse modes. The appliance is therefore powerful and efficient enough to handle complicated foodstuffs such as meat, fruit juices and also milk shakes.

Power and Energy Efficiency

Like most kitchen appliances, the Binatone blender requires a power supply of 240V/50Hz, but as suggested above, it consumes 350W of power. This is not a big amount of power and therefore the appliance is energy efficient and can keep your power bills low.

Design, Material and Color

Concerning the design, the appliance is compact and also handy and spots an ultra-modern look. Some of its useful design features include toughened goblet and glass jar, splash-proof lid, adding bowl, safety lock mechanism and also a stable base.

As for the material, the main material is plastic featuring a strong unbreakable polycarbonate. As far as color is concerned, the appliance is white with light green, blue or brown parts.

Binatone BLG-451 Blender Price in Kenya

The price of the Binatone BLG-451 in Kenya is in the range KSh. 4,500 and KSh. 5,500 (around $45 and $55). For other blenders with near-similar features and price, see Kenwood Blender, Syinix BLNPPK 204 and also Bruhm BBG296.

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