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Binatone BLG-699 is one of the latest blenders from the UK’s electronics makers. Like the BLG-555, the blender in question has a 1.5-liter capacity and boasts 2 speed-pulse modes, toughened goblet and also a scratch-proof glass jar. Read on to see Binatone BLG-699 Blender specs, features and price in Kenya.

Binatone BLG-699 Blender Specs, Features and Price in Kenya
Binatone BLG-699 | Source: Wiki Commons

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Binatone BLG-699 Blender Capacity

With a standard blender capacity – 1.5 liters, the BLG-699 can grind and blend foodstuff for a good number of people. Whether you are using it at home or office, the appliance can cater for your grinding, blending and also mixing needs.

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First, the blades feature stainless steel, so they are safe on your health. This type of metal is pure and doesn’t release harmful elements to your food. Second, the blades are strong enough to grind beans and nuts and also to mix spices, fruit juices and milk shakes.

Motor and Speed Modes

As for the motor, the Binatone blender has a motor engine with a power rating of 450 Watts. The engine provides 2 speed-pulse modes which give the blades the power to operate speedily and also to perform effectively.

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Power and Energy Efficiency

As mentioned above, the power rating is 450 Watts and the power supply stands at 220W-50Hz. Concerning the energy efficiency, the blender doesn’t consume significant electric energy and also its materials are safe on the environment.

Design, Material and Color

As shown in the photo, the blender is elegant, compact and also handy. Some of its design features include firm stable base, safety lock mechanism, splash-proof lid with feeding inlet, toughened goblet, adding bowl and also concealed cord and cord storage compartment.

When it comes to the material and color, the appliance features plastic (polycarbonate) and glass and the popular color is black.

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Binatone BLG-699 Blender Price in Kenya

The price of the BLG-699 is close to that of BLG-555. It is in the range KSh. 2,600 and KSh. 5,000 (around $26 and $50).

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