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Binatone SI-1500 Steam Iron comes with a non-stick sole plate and can remove the stubborn creases on your clothes. The 1400W iron also has other features such as water measuring cup and heating light indication. In this Binatone SI-1500 review, see the iron’s price in Kenya and also its specs and all features.

Binatone SI-1500 Steam Iron Specs, Features and Price in Kenya
Binatone SI-1500 | Source: Wiki Commons

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Binatone SI-1500 Steam Iron Sole Plate

As mentioned above, the sole plate is non-stick. Featuring a super glide ceramic, the plate moves over the fabric in a smoother way. The material and design also ensures that there is minimal snagging and wrinkling when ironing.

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Heating Protection

First, there is the outer cover which confines heat in the lower part, keeping the other parts at a harmless temperature. Second, there is a protection mechanism that prevents unusual heating and also a light indicator that warns you of the same.

Temperature Settings and Control

With multiple temperature settings, the steam iron allows you to work on different kinds of fabrics and also remove tough creases. You just need to understand heat requirements of your fabric to set the right temperature.

Water Spray Function

This system consists of a 90-ml water compartment and sprayer. There is also a measuring cup for filling the water holder. The system provides vertical steaming/ spraying which helps soften fabric for easier ironing.

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Design and Other Features

As for the design, the Binatone appliance is streamlined, light and also user-friendly. Concerning the other features, there is self-cleaning for more durability and also a dry ironing facility for soft fabrics.

Material and Color

As far as the material is concerned, the iron box features PVC, iron and also rubber. And as shown in the picture, the appliance is available in white and blue.


The power rating is 1400W which provides a constant strong steam burst. According to my own experience, the appliance saves energy, so it keeps your power bills low!

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Binatone SI-1500 Steam Iron Price in Kenya

So what is the price of the Binatone SI-1500 Steam Iron in Kenya? Well, the price is in the range KSh. 850 and KSh. 2000 (around $8.5 and $20).

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