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In case you didn’t know, Black Friday is a day that marks the start of Christmas shopping season. It takes place in the last Friday of November, but most shops start offering deals as early as in the middle of the month and crown up the season in December.

Black Friday Kenya
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Black Friday in Kenya

Black Friday is a new thing in Kenya, but it is becoming quite popular especially with the launch of online shops. Some ecommerce businesses such as Jumia and Kilimall use this season to promote their customers with low prices, price deals and also discounts.

These online shops offer price deals on almost all their item categories. Some categories that come with cut prices include electronics, home appliances and also smartphones. Other categories that sell at favorable prices include fashion, sports and fitness, baby products, stationery and also beauty products.

Black Friday Specific Deals and Offers in Kenya

Shops with some experience with this season have comprehensive promotional plans. Some of these plans include several days of deals and offers, new deals every day and also flash sales throughout the day.

Other specific promotions include hundreds of thousands of deals, giveaway every day and also thousands of discounted brands. In addition, there are unique plans such as treasure hunt, wheel of fortune and also voucher giveaways.

Black Friday Season in Kenya

Like in other countries, Black Friday in Kenya starts some days before the exact day. It also goes beyond the unofficial holiday, through Cyber Monday to December. Jumia and also Kilimall kickstart their season around mid November and ends it deep in December.

Black Friday – Money Saving Festival

This season is definitely a time to save money on expensive items. The prices are usually very low, and most buyers take this opportunity to acquire items that normally come at unaffordable prices. Want to save money on some products? Well, keep your eye on the calendar and also on shops’ websites.

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