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Some people are quite annoying on phone! This is the reason we look for ways to block them.

On Telkom Orange line, there are a number of ways you can block calls and SMS. If you are looking for a method to prevent people from calling or messaging you on phone, you are in the right place.

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Read on to learn how to block calls and SMS on Telkom Orange. See how to do this with Telkom Orange call or SMS divert codes. See also how to set voicemail and also barring on Telkom Orange.

1. Blocking with Telkom Orange Call Barring

This is the easiest way to prevent people from calling or smsing you on phone. To use this method, go to Call Settings and then press on the Call Barring.

You will be asked to enter a password. Use 00000000, 0000 or 1234 as the password. You can also find a specific password from your phone’s instruction manual.

This method blocks all calls and it also doesn’t notify you of numbers that tried calling you. Due to blocking all calls, I don’t find the method quite useful.

2. Setting Up Voicemail on Telkom Orange

To block calls by setting up voicemail, you need first to go to Call Divert or Call Forwarding on Call Settings. On either Divert or Forwarding, press on the Always Divert and then enter this voicemail code – 0770 000423.

Moeover, in some phones like Infinix, you can move calls to voicemail through the contact list. You can do this by selecting a contact and then pressing on the edit button. From there, you need to press on the 3 dots on the top right corner and select All Calls to Voicemail.

This method is a bit helpful as it allows you to know numbers that tried calling you. You can always check the numbers on your voicemail.

3. Using Call Management Feature

Note: Orange has rebranded to Telkom and therefore this feature might have changed!

This is a straight-forward, but is affected by network strength. You may find difficult to use it if you are in a zone with weak network.

To use this method, dial #505#, call 505 or SMS the number to block to 505. You need to be subscribed in the block service to use it. The service offers Block List, White List and also Do Not Disturb.
You can also activate voicemail on your phone with the call management feature. Just call 777 and follow the instructions.

4. Using Call and SMS Filter or Block App

This is for smartphones! If you are using a smartphone, good for you. Just go to your app store (Google, Apple, Windows, OVI, Tizen, BlackBerry, etc) and download the best app to block calls and SMS. You can try apps such as Safest Call Blocker, Mr. Number and also Blacklist Plus.

The best thing with apps is that they allow you to block specific numbers (not entire contact list). They also allow you to block numbers that are not in your phonebook. They thus help you deal with people who use other numbers to call or SMS you after blocking their original numbers.

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