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Bruhm BDI S3 is an affordable dry iron box, but comes with desirable features. It has temperature control and heating protection, among other great features that help you fight tough wrinkles. Read on to learn about Bruhm BDI S3 Dry Iron Box price in Kenya and all its specs and features.

Bruhm BDI S3 Dry Iron Box
Bruhm BDI S3 Dry Iron Box | Source: Wikimedia Commons

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Bruhm BDI S3 Dry Iron Box Sole Plate

The sole plate is a stainless steel non-stick one, and is curved to concentrate pressure at the center of the iron. This ensures that there is less tugging, snagging and also minimal wrinkling when ironing.

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Heating Protection

The iron box has an overheat safety protection cover and mechanism to protect you from burns when laundering. This mechanism also saves you from accidental electrical fires.

Temperature Control

This control system shuts off once the exact temperature setting has been reached. With a simple indicator light, the system ensures you iron at the right temperature. You can’t just burn your clothes when using this iron box.

Water Spray Function

The water feature provides sprays to make ironing even more easier. It offers surge of sprays to soften the fabric and also improve heat conduction.

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Design and Other Features

First, the Bruhm iron box has a streamlined and light design, so it doesn’t cause fatigue when ironing. Second, it comes with a comfortable handle for easy grip. Other design features include stable heel rest, adjustable temperature control knob and also pilot light for ready to use.

Material and Color

The material materials are PVC, iron and also steel. Concerning colors, the appliance is available in white and also yellow.


The iron box has a power rating of 1100Watts. The appliance heats instantly with this power rating to provide faster ironing.

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Bruhm BDI S3 Dry Iron Box Price in Kenya

The price is between KSh. 750 and KSh. 1000 (around $7.5 and $10). For another iron box with near-similar features and price, see the Scarlett 1200W Iron Box mentioned above.

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