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As the name suggests, Bruhm BMP 101 is a food processor that can perform 10 functions without the need of another appliance. It can blend, grind, chop, extract juice and also perform other functions needed in the kitchen. Read on to see Bruhm BMP 101 10-in-1 Food Processor price in Kenya and all its specs and features.

Bruhm BMP 101 10-in-1 Food Processor Kenya
Bruhm BMP 101 10-in-1 Food Processor | Source: Wikimedia Commons

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Bruhm BMP 101 10-in-1 Functions

These functions include blending, grinding and also citrus press. Other functions include juice extraction, chopping and also kneading. In addition, the appliance can perform grating and slicing, among others.

According to the manufacturer, the food processor can perform tasks of 4 different appliances. As suggested above, it can perform tasks of blender, grinder and also juice extractor, among other common food preparation appliances.

Exchangeable Blades

First, the food processor has 5 varieties of blades. Second, the blades can be removed and also exchanged to allow the appliance perform another function.

The kitchen equipment can work with blender blades, grinder blades and also chopping blades. Moreover, it can work with slicing, grating and kneading blades.


The appliance requires a power supply of 240V/50Hz, and uses a 500W full copper motor, making it energy efficient. The power system provides 2 speeds plus pulse which quickens the working of the appliance.

Design, Material and Color

As for the design, the food processor is compact and also beautiful. It therefore consumes less space and improves the looks of the kitchen. Concerning material and color, the main materials are metal and also plastic while the popular colors are silver and black.

Bruhm BMP 101 10-in-1 Food Processor Price in Kenya

The price ranges between KSh. 5,000 and KSh. 6,800 (around $50 and $68). For other related appliances, see Bruhm BBG296 Blender and Grinder, Kenwood Blender with Grinder, SYINIX BLNPPK 204 Blender and also Famous Universal Fruit Juice.

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