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Bruhm BRD 275 is a spacious refrigerator with a 270-liter capacity. The double door fridge also features direct cooling and interior lighting and produces low noise. In this Bruhm BRD 275 review, see the refrigerator’s price in Kenya and also all its specs and features.

Bruhm BRD 275 Refrigerator Price in Kenya, Specs, Features, Review
Bruhm BRD 275 | Source: Wiki Commons

Bruhm BRD 275 Refrigerator Capacity and Size

As mentioned above, the BRD 275 has a big capacity – 270 liters, so it gives you enough space to preserve all your foodstuffs. It weighs 39kg, and based on my own experience, it is one of the lightest double door fridges out there.

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The exterior features a stylish and elegant design – something which adds good looks in your room. Some design features include adjustable legs and also a well-positioned handle which makes it easy to use the appliance.

As for the interior, the fridge has an adjustable shelf which allows you to place items of different shapes. It also has interior lighting which makes it easy to place your foodstuffs.

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Energy Efficiency and Eco-Friendliness

According to Bruhm, the refrigerator doesn’t consume a lot of power as it employs direct cooling. It therefore saves energy, keeping your bills low. On the side of eco-friendliness, it is CFC-free, so it doesn’t harm the environment.

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Noise and Security

As far as noise is concerned, the fridge produces low noise and therefore it is not a nuisance in your house. When it comes to security, there is a lock and key mechanism which prevents unwanted people from accessing your foodstuffs.

Material and Color

The main material is steel which makes the appliance durable and also secure. On the side of color, there is metallic blue which gives it a classic and sleek look.

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Bruhm BRD 275 Refrigerator Price in Kenya

The price of BRD 275 Double Door refrigerator in Kenya is in the range KSh. 30,000 and KSh. 35,000 (around $300 and $350). You can buy it from this page and enjoy a big DISCOUNT!

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