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Bruhm BRS 95X Single Door Refrigerator is for the one with a limited budget for these appliances. Its price is pretty fair, but it is equipped with awesome features. It comes with big capacity and its design is appealing.

Bruhm BRS 95x Single Door Refrigerator
Bruhm BRS 95X | Source: Wikimedia Commons

Read on to see the Bruhm BRS 95X specs, features and price in Kenya.

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Size and Capacity

The weight of the fridge is 22.19kg. The capacity is 95 liters (around 4 Cu.Ft). The single door fridge is thus ideal for small kitchens, mini bars and offices.


The refrigerator comes with a sleek and stylish design. This complements the looks of your kitchen. The appliance can transform your kitchen into an awesome room.

It is fitted with adjustable legs, so you can set the right height for you. You can also move it with great ease.

The interior is designed conveniently. You don’t struggle when placing and arranging foodstuffs inside the appliance. There is also interior lighting to help with this task.

Energy Efficient and Safety

The fridge consumes less power compared to similar fridges out there. It employs direct cooling to save energy. It therefore doesn’t increase your energy bills.

Concerning safety, the appliance is CFC free.

Security and Noise

There is a lock and key to secure the appliance! So you cannot expect someone to break into it and rob your foodstuffs.

On the other hand, the fridge is low-noise. So it doesn’t add disturbance in your home.

Material and Color

The main material is metal. Other materials include plastic and rubber. So appliance is durable and secure with the metallic enclosure. The color is silver white, so it is quite stunning in your house.

Bruhm BRS 95X Single Door Refrigerator Price in Kenya

The fridge costs KSh. 17,500. This is around $175. As you can see, this is a low price for a fridge. The price is close to that of Bruhm BRD140 which is a double door refrigerator.

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