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In case you didn’t know, Jumia is an online retailer. It operates mainly in Africa, and allows you to shop items online and have them delivered to your location. Read on to see how to shop or buy items on Jumia Kenya.

How to Buy Items, Shop on Jumia Kenya
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How to Shop on Jumia Kenya

On the shop’s website, find the item that you want to buy. You can use categories and also the search box to find your item. After finding the item, click it to see its details. You need then to click the “Buy Now” button to add it to the online cart. After that, click the cart and then on “Proceed to Checkout”.

If you already have an account with the shop, you will be required to sign in. If you don’t have an account, you need to sign up. After accessing your account, you need to enter your payment details and also your shipping address. Finally, you need to click “Save and Continue” to access the Checkout page and confirm your order and then wait for the delivery.

How to Create Jumia Account

On the shop’s website, click the “Register” or “Sign Up” button. On the new page, enter your personal details, a strong password and click the “Submit” button. Finally, activate your account from an email send to your email account.

Items Sold On Jumia

The popular categories include women’s fashion, mobile phones and accessories, men’s fashion, sunglasses and watches, tablets and accessories and also TVs, audio and video. Other categories include home and living, computing and accessories, cameras, music and games and also sport and fitness. In addition, there are categories such as baby, kids and toys, hair and beauty and also stationery.

Prices and Payment Methods

The prices are usually discounted and you can enjoy lower prices with price deals and vouchers and on occasions such as Black Friday and Cyber Moday. On the side of payment options, you can use Cash on Delivery option, M-Pesa and also bank deposit. Other payment methods include PayPal and also credit card.


Jumia Kenya mainly uses motorbikes to deliver items to their customers. It also allows customers to pick items from the distribution locations. In addition, the shop charges a shipping fee for some items or shipping distances.

In conclusion, if you are a vendor, you can also sell your items on Jumia Kenya. And if you want to keep in touch with the shop, you can always use their contacts. You can also follow them on social media and subscribe to their newsletter.

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