How To Send Word Document From Computer To Whatsapp?

To send a document to a WhatsApp contact on your desktop, click the paperclip icon found in the top right-hand corner. In the drop-down menu, you will see options to share a photo or video, take a photo using the webcam and lastly share a document. Click on Document > select the file you want to share.

How can I send a Word Document to WhatsApp?

How to send Word document via WhatsApp

  1. Open chat with the person to whom or the group to which you want to send the document.
  2. In the textbox, click on the paperclip icon.
  3. Click on Document.
  4. Browse the document from the folder on your device and click on it. The document is sent.

How can I send PDF file from my computer to WhatsApp?

Write your Message and tap on the Pin icon located at the top-right corner of your screen. 7. From the drop-down list of attachment options, click on the Documents icon to send PDF or any type of Document File or Photos Icon to send Photos and Videos.

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Can I send a Document in WhatsApp?

In order to send a document within WhatsApp, the document must be saved locally on your phone. Alternatively, WhatsApp will appear as an option in the share menu of apps that handle documents.

How do I transfer a Word Document from my laptop to my phone?

Option 2: Move files with a USB cable

  1. Unlock your phone.
  2. With a USB cable, connect your phone to your computer.
  3. On your phone, tap the “Charging this device via USB” notification.
  4. Under “Use USB for,” select File Transfer.
  5. A file transfer window will open on your computer.

How do I email from my laptop to WhatsApp?

How do I send an email with an attachment from my email on my computer to a WhatsApp account? WhatsApp is not an email application. The only way to do something similar to this would be to copy and paste the text from your email inbox to the person you want to share that with, then send it on the next message.

Where are WhatsApp documents stored in PC?

Images and Files stored in WhatsApp Web: If you are using Chrome, then by default, the downloaded images and files are stored in the Downloads folder of your Windows PC. For other browsers, you can find the downloaded media and documents in the default download folder/directory.

How can I send Excel file from laptop to WhatsApp?

Launch WhatsApp and open the chat window of the contact or group to whom you want to send the Word, Excel or Powerpoint document. Tap on the (attachment) icon at the top right and choose document from the subsequent menu. WhatsApp would present a list of all documents present in the device’s storage.

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How do I scan a document to WhatsApp?

1. Open a page in any document and tap “More” in lower-right

  1. Open a page in any document and tap “More” in lower-right.
  2. Open a page in any document and tap “More” in lower-right.
  3. Choose “Open In” and select “JPG file”
  4. Choose “Open In” and select “JPG file”
  5. Choose “Copy to WhatsApp”
  6. Choose “Copy to WhatsApp”

How do you save Word documents as PDF?

Open your Word Document, and click the “File” Button in the upper left corner.

  1. Click the “Save As” button.
  2. Next to “Save as type:”, select “PDF (*.
  3. You can check whether or not the file converted correctly by opening the PDF file with Adobe Reader and reviewing its contents.

How can I attach PDF file in WhatsApp?

Send PDF File Using WhatsApp From Google Drive

  1. Open WhatsApp on your Android Phone or tablet.
  2. On the Chats Screen, locate the conversation of the contact that you want to send the PDF file to and tap on it.
  3. On the next screen, tap on the Pin icon located at the top of the screen to open WhatsApp Sharing Menu.

How do I change a Word document to PDF format?

Convert a Document to PDF Using Word Open the document you want to convert and then click the “File” tab. On the backstage screen, select “Save As” from the list on the left. Next, from the Save As screen, select where you would like the PDF to be saved (OneDrive, This PC, a particular folder, or wherever).

How do I send a Word Document?

Open the file you want to send. In the Quick Access Toolbar, click Send to Mail Recipient to open an email message. Your file will appear in the body of the message. Enter the recipients’ aliases, edit the subject line and message body as necessary, and then click Send.

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How do I create a WhatsApp Document?

Launch WhatsApp and tap on an ongoing conversation in the Chats tab to open an existing thread, or tap on a contact in the Contacts tab to start a new conversation. Tap the paperclip icon at the top right of the screen to add an attachment to your message. You’ll see six icons pop up, the first of which is ‘Document’.

How do you save a Word Document?

Save your document Click FILE > Save, pick or browse to a folder, type a name for your document in the File name box, and click Save. Save your work as you go – hit Ctrl+S often.

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