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Digitel WGF32NTLA9 is an HD digital LED TV that offers clear picture and quality sound. The 32-inch TV has a myriad of connectivity features and spots an aesthetic design. In this Digitel WGF32NTLA9 32-inch TV review, see the device’s specs and features and also its price in Kenya.

Digitel WGF32NTLA9 32-Inch TV Review, Specs, Features, Price in Kenya
Digitel WGF32NTLA9 |Source: Wiki Commons

Digitel WGF32NTLA9 Specs, in Brief

  • Screen – 32 Inches
  • Connectivity – AV IN, RF, etc
  • Multimedia – Speakers, etc
  • Power – AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Material – PVC
  • Price – KSh. 15,000

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Digitel WGF32NTLA9 Display

As mentioned above, the WGF32NTLA9 TV comes with an HD display which delivers stunning picture with full color and high resolution. According to my own experience, the TV gives you a real-life like content, whether it’s a broadcast or movie.

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From USB to HDMI ports, the device comes with all sorts of features that you need to connect to other devices. There are even things such as scart, coaxial, RF, AV and also VGA.


Under multimedia, the TV has built-in speakers which deliver dynamic sound for a satisfying home entertainment. Personally, the audio gives me a cinema feeling when watching a movie, or a stadium feeling when watching a sporting event.

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Power and Energy Efficiency

The Digitel TV works with a domestic power supply – AC 100-240, 50/60Hz, like other home appliances. According to the manufacturer, it saves energy, and yeah, it doesn’t increase my power bills with a big margin.

Design, Material and Color

As shown above, the device has a slim body which contributes to its sleek and elegant design. It features plastic (PVC) and black, as the main material and color respectively.

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Digitel WGF32NTLA9 Price in Kenya

The price of Digitel WGF32NTLA9 TV in Kenya is between KSh. 15,000 and KSh. 28,000 (around $150 and $280). See the DISCOUNT links above/below for the lowest price in Kenya.

Digitel WGF32NTLA9 Full Specifications


Date – –


Dimensions – 73.1×43.7×8.7cm

Weight – 5.2kg

Material – PVC


Type – HD LED

Size – 32 Inches

Screen-to-Body Ratio – –

Resolution – –

Aspect Ratio – –

PPI Density – –

Colors – –


CPU – –

Chipset – –

GPU – –

OS – –


RAM – –

Storage – –

MicroSD slot – –


Tuner – Digital

USB – Yes

HDMI – Yes

RF – Yes

VGA – Yes

AV IN – Yes

Bluetooth – –

WLAN – –

NFC – –

Infrared port – –

Headphones input – Yes

Scart – Yes

Coaxial – Yes


Radio – –

Loudspeaker – Yes (built-in speakers)


Type – AC 100-240V 50/60Hz


Variety – Black


KSh – 15,000


Although we do thorough research for our content, we don’t guarantee the specs and features are 100% correct.

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