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To be specific, the number of hotspots is over 600! And this number has been achieved since March, 2017 when the service was launched. Facebook aims to cover more parts of Kenya in the coming months.

Facebook Express Internet
Facebook Express Illustr: Source: Wiki Commons

The American tech giants has partnered with Surf Kenya. This is a local partner, and is the one rolling the service, dubbed as Express Wi-Fi.

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Facebook Express Wi-Fi Hotspots in Kenya

The service is popular in Nairobi and its environs. Other areas covered include Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret, Naivasha and also Mtwapa.

In Nairobi, the popular hotspots include Technical University of Kenya, Zetech University and also KCA. The project will target more Western, Coastal and Central towns in the next phase.

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Express Wi-Fi Internet Charges

The daily internet bundles cost KSh.10 for 40MB and KSh.20 for 100MB. The weekly Wi-Fi bundles cost KSh50 for 300MB and KSh100 for 500MB. So it’s pretty cheap! It’s one of the cheapest internet services in Kenya. Though, many thought Facebook was offering it for free! LoL!

How to Buy Express Wi-Fi Bundles

The quickest way to buy Express Wi-Fi bundles is through M-Pesa. The other way is through sales agents. Yeah, the service has agents in the major urban areas.

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Final Words

According to Surf Kenya MD Mark Summer, their success in the market to date is that they are offering a high speed internet hotspot service. The internet is high quality and customers also get it at a very affordable rate.

It is offered in public areas near where they work and go for entertainment. Their local retailer partners who host and sell their service have also made it easy to get the news out to their customer base.

Lastly, for the latest news about the Facebook’s and Surf’s Express Wi-Fi or internet, keep it here! We will be following every development to bring it to you!

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