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If you have been receiving notifications from Safaricom, you must have gotten one saying you can access Facebook for free with the mobile service provider. Well, this is true as the telecom has partnered with the social media platform to offer this service which features Facebook Free Mode and Facebook Data Mode.

Free Facebook Kadogo App with Safaricom
Free Facebook Interface | Source: Friedrich

Facebook Free Mode

This is the real deal and it allows Safaricom subscribers to use basic Facebook services for free without using airtime or data bundle. It is a lightweight mode that allows you to post, upload photos, share, comment and like posts for free. According to the telecom, you get 20MB of data daily to access the social media platform on the free mode.

How to Get into the Free Mode

One way is to click the “Free Mode” link which is located on the purple banner at the top of your Facebook interface. Another way is to click the link that comes with the notification from Safaricom informing you of the service. One additional way is to load on your browser.

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Facebook Data Mode

This mode gives the full Facebook experience, and so you get charged for your data usage in the normal way. When on this mode, you will have a dark grey banner with a “Data Mode” link at the top of your Facebook interface. The “Free Mode” link is also available on this banner and therefore you can easily toggle to it.

Some tasks like viewing photos, watching videos and reading article will require you to be on the Data Mode. If you are on the Free Mode, the platform will direct you to the Data Mode to perform these tasks.

Facebook Kadogo App

This is the normal Facebook app with the two modes described above, so you can browse on the Free Mode or Data Mode depending on your needs. As for now, it is only the Android app that works with this service, according to the mobile service provider.

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