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GE Appliances has announced a 27-inch touchscreen at the 2018 CES. The kitchen hub uses a Haier U+ Smart Life operating system and also provides internet-based updates. It has cameras, audio and video players and can also work with big appliances such as fridges and washers.

GE Appliances 27-Inch Touchscreen Kitchen Hub
GE Appliances Touchscreen | Source: Wikimedia Commons

Kitchen Hub Haier U+ Smart Life Platform

As mentioned above, the 27-inch touchscreen kitchen control center uses a Haier U+ Smart Life which is an android-based OS. With the OS and internet access, you can search for recipes, access your calendar and also receive system updates.


The GE Appliances’ kitchen hub comes with two cameras – front-facing and down-facing. The front-facing camera allows you to video chat with Google Duo. On the other hand, the down-facing camera allows you to take and post photos in the kitchen.

Built-In Audio and Video Players

Yeah, the GE Appliances’ kitchen control has a fun side. It has audio and video players which allow you to listen to music, watch movies and also play videos like recipes and cooking walkthroughs.

Mount Feature

According to company, the command center can be mounted above the stove. At this position, the hub can also provide some light and exhaust importance, and is free from heat damage.

GE Appliance Kitchen Touchscreen Hub Price

According to reputable sources, the 27-inch touchscreen kitchen command center comes at a price of around $600 (around KSh. 60,000). This is a fair price given all the features and uses of the central hub.

In conclusion, the kitchen hub works better with GE’s appliances, so the company recommends that you use their products to enjoy full benefits. According to the firm, the control center can work with a wide range of appliances such as wall ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, dryers and also washers. In future, the company plans to make device work with other things such as security gadgets and advanced AI. This is after LG started to use Google Assistant on its appliances.

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