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Generic Samsung Earphones are a great way to listen to your music on a Samsung phone. According to the manufacturer, they work best with Samsung J Series, but they can be used on other phone models, including iPhones, and also music players. Read on to see the Generic Samsung Earphones price in Kenya and also the gadget’s specs and features.

Generic Samsung Earphones Kenya
Generic Samsung Earpieces | Source: Wikimedia Commons

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Generic Samsung Earphones Sound Quality

The earpieces deliver high quality and clear sounds. With this gadget, you can enjoy amazing bass sounds on your smartphone or music player.

According to my own experience, you don’t need sound amplifiers or speakers with these earpieces. Featuring mic and music equalizer, these gadgets are basically an awesome way to listen to your favorite tunes.


The earphones come with a quality in-the-ear design. This is a comfortable custom fit design which is also pretty ease on the ears.

The gadget also has a 3.5mm jack which is universal, so it can work with most phones and also music devices. The transmission cords (wired connectivity) are pretty long! You can listen music with your device at some distance.

In addition, there are some audio controls to tune your radio or navigate your tracks. You can also increase or decrease volume from these buttons.

Moreover, the gadget is light and also collapsible/foldable! It doesn’t come with the hassle of having to support it with your hand every now and then.

Material and Color

The earpieces are made of high quality plastic and some rubber. These materials are the ones that contribute to the gadget comfort. On the other hand, the color is beige. So they add some uniqueness to your life.

Generic Samsung Earphones Price in Kenya

The price ranges between KSh. 800 and KSh. 1500 (around $8 and $15). For cheaper earphones with near-similar features, see Generic In-Ear Earphones.

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