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In an effort to expand in Africa, Bitzer has opened an authorized service center (ASC) in Nairobi, Kenya. The Germany refrigeration and air-conditioning systems maker has partnered with Repelectric Kenya to set up the service in Ruaraka, Nairobi. The subsidiary will offer repair, support and also spare parts, among other services and products.

Bitzer, Germany Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Systems Maker, Opens Authorized Service Center in Kenya
Bitzer Logo | Source: Wiki Commons

Fully Functional Service Center

According to one of the firm’s directors, the center has a fully equipped workshop and also certified trained staff. With the tools and staff, the center will be able to provide repairs, real spare parts and also technical support.

As far as support is concerned, the center will provide advice on issues to do with efficiency and also piracy. The service will meet the global standards and quality and will reduce downtime.

Bitzers Fridge and Air-Con Systems

The firm makes various types of compressors which run fridges and HVAC systems. According to the director, the compressors are reliable and energy friendly and therefore save costs. Some of them include recipro, scroll and also screw.

Uses of Bitzer Fridge and HVAC Systems

The systems are used in factories, homes and offices. They are mainly found in retail, flori and horti firms, dairy firms, meat and fish sectors and also bakeries, among other areas.

The HVAC systems find use in offices, health centers, schools, shops, hotels, cafes and also malls, among other areas.

In conclusion, Bitzer can now respond to issues about their systems much quicker and with ease. The firm also believes that the delivery of systems to Kenya and other countries will be faster. In addition, the center aims to protect users from fake items. The firm offers software and apps that can check if items are real or not.

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