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Google plans to take on popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, iMessenger, Sarahah and Facebook Messenger with its new app dubbed Chat. The tech giant will not develop a new app from scratch, but it will use Rich Communication Service (RCS) to refurbish Android Messages (formally Messenger).

Google to Launch Chat, Messaging App Like WhatsApp, iMessenger and Facebook Messenger
Google Chat | Source: Wikimedia Commons

Google Chat Built On RCS

In case you didn’t know, Rich Communication Service (RCS) is a protocol between phone and carriers aiming at replacing plain SMS messages with richer text messages. Using RSC, the Chat will get advanced features that are present in modern messaging apps. The protocol doesn’t support end-to-end encryption so the app may face security issues.

Features of Google Chat

In addition to the existing Messenger features, the new app will come with read receipts, group texts and also location sharing. Other features include “typing” and probably “last seen” and also full resolution images and videos.

Carrier-Based Chat Service

This is not a Google service, but a service that highly depends on carriers. So far, carriers like T-Mobile and also Sprint have shown support for the app. Other carriers that are higly likely to support the app are AT&T and also Verizon. According to Google, there are 55 carriers, 11 OEMs, and two OS providers that support the messaging service.

So When Will Chat Become Available?

Well, according to the tech giant, the app will become available in the next 12 to 18 months. This is a long time, but the company wants to ensure that the app hits the ground running. It wants all the carriers, OEMs, OS providers and also phone makers to support the service.

In conclusion, Chat is just another app that will join the long list of messaging systems out there. But since it is from a tech giant, it will definitely gain popularity faster and probably dominate similar services.

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