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Haier Mooka 32-Inch TV boasts the Samsung Class A display, built-in digital noise reduction and also a picture enhancement technology. Read on to see Haier Mooka 32-Inch TV specs, features and price in Kenya.

Haier Mooka 32-Inch TV Review, Specs, Features and Price in Kenya
Haier Mooka 32-Inch TV | Source: Wiki Commons

Haier Mooka 32-Inch TV Specs, in Brief

  • Display – 32 Inches
  • Connectivity – HDMI, USB, etc
  • Multimedia – DVB, AVL, etc
  • Power – AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Material – Plastic
  • Price – KSh. 14,500

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Haier Mooka 32-Inch TV Screen, Display and Size

As mentioned above, the TV comes with the Samsung Class A display which features 95 percent no-light dot, natural color restoration, true color reproduction and also a 360 degrees realistic picture.

Other screen features include IPS panel, LED, picture quality enhancement and HD tech and also a 1366x768px resolution.

As for the size, the device measures 730x468x180mm and weighs 5.1kg.

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The main connectivity features here are USB and HDMI ports. The USB ports allow you to access content from a storage device on your TV. On the other hand, the HDMI ports allow you to connect your TV with other HDMI-enabled gadgets such as game consoles, DVD players, cameras and also mobile phones.


First, there is an automatic volume leveler (AVL) which protects you from sudden volume changes when changing channels and also during commercial breaks. Second, the TV has the digital noise reduction technology (DNR) which optimizes the detail presentation of each channel.

In addition, it has a digital video broadcasting (DVB) which allows you to access satellite, cable and terrestrial programming with high visual quality and clear audio.

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Power and Energy Efficiency

Concerning the power, the Haier TV requires a power supply of 100-240, 50/60Hz. The power consumption stands at 40W while the standby is 0.5W.

As far as energy efficiency is concerned, the device comes with the bipolar drive technology which reduces backlight, saving energy. According to the manufacturer, it is also eco-friendly.

Design, Material and Color

As shown in the picture, the TV is slim, sleek and modern. When it comes to the material and color, the device features plastic and the popular color is black.

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Haier Mooka 32-Inch TV Price in Kenya

So what is the cost of the Haier Mooka 32-Inch TV in Kenya? Well, the price is in the range KSh. 14,500 and KSh. 20,000 (around $145 and $200).

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