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If you are looking for an affordable smart TV in Kenya, you may want to consider the Haier Mooka 50-Inch. This UHD TV comes with Android, RAM and ROM and also the Cortex A9 processor. In this Haier Mooka 50-Inch review, see the TV’s specs and features and also its price in Kenya.

Haier Mooka 50-Inch TV Specs, Features and Price in Kenya
Haier Mooka 50-Inch | Source: Wiki Commons

Haier Mooka 50-Inch TV Specs, in Brief

  • Display – 50 Inches
  • Connectivity – AV, HDMI, RF, USB, etc
  • Multimedia – AVL, DNR, DVB, etc
  • Power – AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Material – PVC
  • Price – KSh. 36,500

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Haier Mooka 50-Inch TV Screen, Display and Size

The screen boasts latest display technologies such as natural color restoration, true color reproduction, 360-degree realistic picture and also a 95 percent no-light dot. There is also the picture quality enhancement technology which restores content details, providing an HD feel.

Concerning the size, the TV measures 112x25x71cm and weighs 10.8kg.

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Smart Open System

This system comes with the Android operating system which allows you to run apps on the TV. It also features a 1GB RAM + 4GB ROM and the Cortex A9X2 processor which provide a simple, fast and smooth operation.


First, there is a USB and HDMI interface which allows you to connect storage devices (like USB stick and HDD) and HDMI-enabled devices (like phone, DVD player, camera and also game console). Second, there is an AV and RF interface which offers you more connectivity options.


Under multimedia, the TV has digital video broadcasting (DVB) which gives you access to satellite, cable and terrestrial programming. It also has digital noise reduction (DNR) and automatic volume leveler (AVL) which allow you to get clear audio and consistent volume respectively.

In addition, there is a complete video resource which features things such as TV series, movies, sports, variety shows, documentaries, cartoons, learning materials and also music.

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Power and Energy Efficiency

As for the power, the Haier TV operates with 100-240, 50/60Hz (source) like most home gadgets. The max power use is around 60W while the standby power consumption stands at 0.5W.

On the side of energy efficiency, the device uses the bipolar drive technology which reduces the power of the backlight, saving energy. It is also eco-friendly, according to the manufacturer.

Design, Material and Color

Starting with the design, the TV is sturdy, sleek and also modern. As far as material and color are concerned, it features PVC and black respectively.

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Haier Mooka 50-Inch TV Price in Kenya

The price of the Haier Mooka 50-Inch is in the range KSh. 36,500 and KSh. 68,500 (around $365 and $685). As mentioned above, it is an affordable one.

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