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Jamii Telecom Limited (JTL) has entered the mobile network industry, joining the existing three telecom companies in Kenya. Dubbed Faiba 4G Mobile, the mobile network will come with cheap data services and also voice services.

Jamii Telecom Faiba 4G Mobile Network Kenya
Jamii Telecom Faiba 4G Logo | Source: Wikimedia Commons

Faiba 4G Mobile Number Prefix

According to the company, Faiba 4G will use prefix 0747. As it stands, the SIM cards are not readily available, and you can buy them at PhoneXpress shops and also at the company’s headquarters.

Jamii Using Fiber Optic Technology

Using advanced fiber optic technology, the company guarantees the fastest broad band service (700MHz and only 4G). It also guarantees reliable mobile connection across Kenya.

Faiba 4G Data Services

The telecom will concentrate more on data services, and is bringing the cheapest data plans in the Kenyan market. It will offer 1GB at KSh. 50 (valid for 1 day). It is also offering 8GB, 15GB, 25GB, 4OGB, 70GB, 120GB and 210GB at prices that range between KSh. 300 and KSh. 6,000. The 8GB and 15GB plans are valid for 7 days while the rest are valid for 30 days.

In addition, the company is offering mobile data plans which are also pretty affordable. The best thing about these plans is that they come with free calls and SMS, and also are valid for 30 days. The plans include Kifaru (1GB @ KSh. 1,500), Ndovu (2GB @ KSh. 2,500) and also Simba (3GB @ KSh. 4,000).

The Kifaru plan comes with 200 call minutes and 200 SMS while the Ndovu plan comes with 350 call minutes and 500 SMS. As far as Simba is concerned, you can enjoy free 700 call minutes and 700 SMS.

Moreover, there is the Fisi Hour data plan which is unlimited one. It costs KSh. 150 and is valid for 60 minutes. Like other telecoms, Faiba 4G also has a data tariff which costs KSh. 3 per MB.

Faiba 4G Voice and SMS Services

First, the on-net calls (voice and video) cost KSh. 2 per minute while the off-net calls also costs KSh. 2 per minute. On the side of SMS, the on-net SMS cost KSh. 1 per minute while the off-net SMS also costs KSh. 1 per minute.

In conclusion, JTL is trying to make data services more affordable in Kenya. It will definitely increase competition in the data industry, and this may force other telecoms to lower their rates, benefiting the consumer.

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