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If you have been waiting for a chance to buy a smartphone at a cheaper price in Kenya, you need to participate in Jumia Mobile Week. In case you are new to online shopping, Jumia Mobile Week is the period when the online retailer offers lower prices for smartphones and also the related items. The retailer offer amazing discounts, price deals, reduced prices, offers and also vouchers on mobile phones. The online shop also offers promotions, gifts, rewards, giveaways and affordable prices on new launches before, during and after the week.

Jumia Mobile Week for Cheap Phone Prices in Kenya
Jumia Mobile Week | Source: Wiki Commons

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Mobile Phone Deals and Discounts

First, the smartphones are from top brands such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia, Huawei, Microsoft Lumia and also Blackberry. There are also upcoming brands like Infinix, Wiko, Tecno, Oppo, X-Tigi and Fero.

Second, some selected phones go at a discount of 50 percent during the week. So you can really get that classic phone you have been waiting for a long time for a throwaway price. According to my own observations, the discounted items do not last long on the shop, so you need to keep a keen eye on the shop to grab your deal as soon as possible.

Tablets and Accessories

Mobile phones are not only the items sold at lower prices during Jumia Mobile Week, but also tablets and accessories. The tablets are also sourced from top brands, so you get quality items during the week.

As for the accessories, the biggest mobile sales week features things such as headphones, earphones, speakers, chargers and also batteries. Other accessories include cases and covers, screen protectors, USBs, selfie sticks, power banks, memory cards and also smartwatches.

Flash Sales, Vouchers, Treasure Hunts and Wheel of Fortune

Like other online shops, Jumia Kenya offers other interesting things like flash sales, vouchers, treasure hunts and also wheel of fortune during the week. These are basically low-price deals, gifts, rewards and freebies. To access these offerings, you need to visit the mobile week page on the shop’s website or app.

In conclusion, Jumia Mobile Week takes place around March and April, and so you need to know the exact dates not to miss the deals and an opportunity to save money. For other periods of price deals on Jumia Kenya, see Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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