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Looking for an affordable digital LED television? Well, look no further than the LED 17D5/17LN49 TV. The 17-inch TV comes with great features such as an in-built decoder, HDMI and the ENERGY STAR certification. Read on to see the 17D5/17LN49 TV specs, features and price in Kenya.

LED 17D5/17LN49 TV Specs, Features and Price in Kenya
LED 17D5/17LN49 TV | Source: Wikimedia Commons

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LED 17D5/17LN49 TV Screen and Display

The screen size is 17 inches which is suitable for a small room. As indicated above, the display features the LED technology which means that it is pretty clear and also delivers top picture quality.

Connectivity and Multimedia

First, the 17D5/17LN49 has ports such as HDMI, USB and VGA which allow you to connect other devices to your TV. Other connectivity features include PC audio in, earphones, AV and also RF. In addition, the visual device has related features such as digital DVBT2 free-to-air and in-built decoder.

On the side of multimedia, the TV has a powerful stream media that allows you to read audio and video files on your mobile device. It also allows you to browse your photos while listening to your audio files with the help of its identification and reading functions.

Power and Energy Efficiency

The television uses a power supply of 110-240-50/60 Hz which is an AC supply, but it can also work with a DC supply. Concerning energy efficiency, the TV has the  ENERGY STAR certification which means that it meets energy efficiency and greenhouse rules.

Design, Material and Color

The visual device is slim and sleek and features a light, modern design. As for the material and color, the device features tough plastic with metal accents and the popular color is black.

LED 17D5/17LN49 TV Price in Kenya

The price of the LED 17D5/17LN49 TV in Kenya is in the range KSh. 8,000 (around $80) and KSh. 9,000 (around $90). For other cheap televisions, see LED 19D5/19LN49, Lightwave E2419 ST2 and also Teqworld G24Z.

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