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LED 19D5/19LN49 19-Inch Digital LED TV is made by a little known company, but it is a valuable one. As its name suggests, it is digital and also LED. See all the TV specs, major features and the price in Kenya.

LED 19D5/19LN49, 19-Inch Digital LED TV
LED 19D5/19LN49 | Source: Wiki Commons

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Screen and Display

The screen size is 19 inches. The screen is LED, so it delivers stunning picture quality. Yeah, and the display is pretty clear.

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The main feature here is stream media! This feature helps read audio and video files in mobile phones. This means that you browse your photos while enjoying your music. There are also other identification and reading functions.

Other features include PC audio‎ in and Earphones, USB, VGA, AV and RF. In addition, the TV supports digital DVB-T2 Free to Air. Moreover, it is equipped with USB Playback for movies‎, pictures‎ and music‎.

The VGA and USB ports help connect all your HD devices to the TV and PC. Hey, and there is also an in-built decoder.


The TV is rated 110-240-50/60 Hz. It doesn’t consume a lot of power. So it doesn’t increase your power bill by a big margin.

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Sleek modern design! That sums the looks of the TV.  So you get great entertainment from a good-looking device.

It is small, so it doesn’t take a lot of your space. You can place it on that small table in your room, and still have enough space for other things.

The TV is made of tough plastic. Its colors are silver and black.

Energy Efficiency

The LED 19D5/19LN49 TV has qualified for the energy star. This means that it meets energy efficiency rules and prevents greenhouse gas emissions.

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LED 19D5/19LN49, 19-Inch Digital TV Price in Kenya

So how much is the 19D5/19LN49 TV? Well, the TV costs between KSh. 9000 and KSh. 11000 (around $90 and $110). This is quite fair price for a LED digital TV! You get the value for your money.

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