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LG has started to use Google Assistant on its smart home appliances. The electronics giant says that tens of its smart appliances are now on the Google’s AI. To control an appliance with the AI, the user will either use a smartphone, Google Home or special headphones.

LG Google Assistant Appliances
LG Google Assistant | Source: Pixabay

LG Appliances That Use Google Assistant

According to the company, these include the smart appliances. Some of them are ovens, air conditioners and also refrigerators. Other things include washers, dryers, dishwashers, air purifiers, vacuums and also cleaners.

How the Appliances Work with Google Assistant

First, there should be a Google Home unit and of course the devices mentioned above – smartphone or headphones. The electronics company has been giving the home unit for free to customers who buy any LG Smart Wi-Fi appliance. The system uses voice commands which must be performed within a suitable range to control the home essentials.

For example, you can use voice commands to know the remaining washing time for a dry cleaner. You can also tell a refrigerator to make ice or stop cooling. In addition, you can adjust air conditioner settings and check air quality in your home.

LG Google Assistant Now Simple with LG SmartThinQ App

This app can control a wide range of LG smart appliances. It is available for Android and iOS users and makes the whole process simple and convenient. The app uses adaptive learning to interpret your usage habits and data and can also alert you.

The Future

Well, LG is building a smart ecosystem that will connect more kitchen and laundry appliances to this system. Through its Open Platform, Open Partnership and Open Connectivity, the company is expanding ‘smartness’ on most its appliances. So the future is simple and convenient for ‘heavy’ smart home appliances.

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