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LG LHD 657 Home Theater offers true theatre experience right in your home. According to my own experience, it offers rich and powerful sounds! Apart from offering amazing sounds, the audio system comes with all sorts of desirable features.

LG LHD 657 Home Theatre Kenya
LG LHD 657 Home Theatre | Source: Pixabay

Planning to buy LG LHD 657 Home Theatre? Well, read on to learn about its price in Kenya. See also all its specifications and features.

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LG LHD 657 Amplifier

The amplifier has a total power output of 1000 Watts. The center system has a rating of 167W and the sub-woofer also has 167W. Other amplifier features include CH (5:1), THD 10% Front L/R (167WX2) and also Wireless Rear L/R (167WX2).

Connectivity and Multimedia

The front side has In/Out features such as display (FLD), Mic In (φ6.3), Portable In and also USB. The panel has audio L/R, composing of channel, composite, optical, HDMI Output, Bluetooth (Rx) and also terminal (push in spring).

Under multimedia, there is a graphics/subtitle format (2bit/ 8bit Sub-picture Text-based Subtitle).

Radio and Audio Format

The audio system cones with a PLL tuner, up/down tuning and preset, FM band and 50 stations. On the side of audio format, the system has Dolby digital, MPEG 1/2 L2, MP3 / ID3 Tag, LPCM and also WMA.

Disc and Playable

First, there is a DVD with a rating of 1080p upscaling. Other disc features include auto power off, initial logo, parental lock and also screen saver. On the side of playable, the home theatre supports DVD (NTSC), DVD (PAL), DVD-R, DVD-RW (Video), DVD+R, DVD+RW (Video mode), Video CD, Audio CD and also CD-R / CD-RW.

The LG sound system also supports repeat play with features such as chapter, CD-DA, MP3/WMA, random play mode, title/track and also resume stop (DVD (-VR), CD-DA, MP3/WMA).

Other Features

These include A/V sync delay (audio delay), dimmer, simplink, sleep, speaker distance (channel delay), speaker level trim, test tone and also TV sound (direct key).

More features include Karaoke, USB direct recording, volume on TV, Dynamic Range Control-On/Off, language MEA, last scene memory, NTSC/PAL Hz (60Hz/50Hz), NTSC/PAL conversion, resolution (upto 1080p24/60Hz), VBI (WSS, CGMS-A, Closed Caption, Macrovision) and also Video DAC (148MHZ/12bit).

Design, Material and Color

The audio system has a compact design, so it saves space in your home. The material is metal with some plastic while the color is black.


First, the system has a power rating of 200-240, 50/60Hz (SMPS). Second, the power consumption stands at 90 Watts.

LG LHD 657 Home Theatre Price in Kenya

The cost is in the range KSh. 35,500 and KSh. 47,000 (about $355 and $470). For a more advanced home theater system, see Sony DAV-DZ950, and for a low-cost one, see Sony DAV-TZ140.

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