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Lightwave E2419 ST2, 24-Inch LED Digital TV is made by a not so well known company, but it is a valuable TV. As its name suggests, it is digital and also LED. It comes with the PAL/SECAM TV system.

Lightwave E2419 ST2, 24-Inch LED Digital TV Kenya
Lightwave E2419 ST2, 24-Inch LED Digital TV | Source: Flickr

It offers a whole new way to experience your favorite movies, sports and also TV shows. And there are some preset channels – ATV: 99 and DTV: 1200. See all the TV specs, major features and price in Kenya.

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Lightwave E2419 Screen and Display

The screen size is 24 inches. It is LED and also HD ready, so it delivers vivid picture. Yeah, and the display is pretty clear. The max resolution is 1920×1080.


The main features here are USB and HDMI Ports! The USB 2.0 ports allow you to share all your content with friends. The HDMI Ports works with a HDMI cable, and allow you to enjoy pure entertainment from a laptop or any other media device‎.

Other connectivity features include AV-in, VGA, DV3T and also DV3C.


The TV’s power rating is 48W, so it doesn’t consume a lot of power. It therefore doesn’t increase your power bill by a big margin. It also supports AC and DC Operation. The speaker output is 5W+5W.


Sleek‎‎ and‎‎ elegance! That sums the design of the TV. So you get stunning picture and also clear sound from an aesthetic device.

In addition, it is slim, so it doesn’t take a lot of your space. It fits perfectly into your living room‎‎. You can place it on that small table in your room, and still have enough space for other things.

The TV is made of tough plastic. Moreover, it is black in color.

Energy Efficiency

The Lightwave E2419 ST2 TV is energy star-qualified. This means that it meets energy efficiency rules and prevents greenhouse gas emissions.

Lightwave E2419 ST2, 24-Inch LED Digital TV Price in Kenya

So how much is the Lightwave E2419 ST2 TV? Well, the TV costs between KSh. 13,500 and KSh. 22,000 (about $135 and $220). This is quite fair price for a LED digital TV! It has a price that is lower than Teqworld G24Z which is a similar television.

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