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Ever imagined sharing your location with other people when chatting on WhatsApp? Well, this is now possible; thanks to the new live location feature rolling out to the users of the app. The tracking feature is already available in Kenya and to all users of Android and iOS devices.

Live Location and Other Latest WhatsApp Updates Kenya
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WhatsApp Live Location Major Highlights

First, the feature works on a short-term, with the following preset options – 15min, 1hour and 8 hours. It can also allow a user to share one-time, static location. Second, it available for an individual and also a group chat. The location is shared at the chat level! This means that it is a one-on-one sharing.

How WhatsApp Live Location Works

To use the WhatsApp feature, you need first to tap the Attach icon (Android) or Plus icon (iPhone), then Location and Share Live Location buttons. After this, you will be prompted to select the amount of time you wish to share your position. Finally, you need to tap the Send icon.

Features of WhatsApp Live Location (Features Inside a Feature)

One of the main features is ‘View Live Location’ which allows you to see the current location of all the users sharing in the chat. The shares appear as thumbnails that show the initial area of the user and a ‘Live until’ time.

Another feature is ‘Satellite/ Terrain View’ which allows you to see live traffic data as an overlay. Below the map, there are usually names with a timestamp. You can tap a name or profile picture to see the location of the user.

In addition, there is the (i) button next to the user which you can tap to communicate with the user. Moreover, there is the Group Info feature which allows you to see all users that are sharing their areas with the group at that point in time.

To end the chat, you only need to tap the Stop icon. You can also go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Live Location > Stop Sharing.

Other Latest WhatsApp Features

 – Group Video and Voice Calls

To allow faster communication among the group members.

– Colorful Status

To create and post status updates with your preferred font and background color.

– Change Number

To transition between phone numbers and notify your contacts.

– Share File

To share any type of file under 100MB.

– Pinned Chats

To pin not more than three chats to the top of the conversation list. To do this, you need to tap and hold on a chat then select the new pin icon that appears in the action bar. You can also always unpin the chat whenever you want.

– Google Gboard GIFs

To send GIFs with Google’s Gboard keyboard.

– Status Updates

To share photos and videos which will disappear after a short period of time.


WhatsApp is developing faster, and it may end up becoming another social media platform, something that will not please many people. Updates are good, but the app needs to remain as a light and easy-to-use messaging platform like Sarahah.

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