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In case you didn’t know, net neutrality was a U.S. mechanism that prohibited internet service providers (IPSs) from charging for higher quality services or blocking websites. The mechanism had rules which required IPSs to treat all web traffic equally and also open the door for new online business models. That said, the big question here on TechAppeala is that will the loss of net neutrality affect Kenya’s online world?

Net Neutrality Kenya
Net Neutrality Hashtag | Source: TechAppeala

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Repealed Net Neutrality

When scrapping the rules, the FCC said that the loss of net neutrality would allow broadband providers to offer a wide range of services. It also said that it would free up the internet providers to innovate online.

What Do the Opponents of the Repeal Say?

Well, those who are opposing the loss of net neutrality see the internet dying. They say that some websites will get speed advantage and also the online world would become like cable TV. This will make customers get unequal access to content online. Small online businesses are the ones likely to suffer more, as they will be forced to pay more for online space.

IPSs Given Big Powers

The decision will give IPSs the power to throttle online services and also to block websites. The IPSs will also have powers to censor online content and favour sites that pay more.

Will Net Neutrality Affect Kenya’s Online World?

Well, definitely! The U.S. is a powerhouse that runs the internet, so the decision will affect the online world of Kenya and other countries. Most Kenya-based websites, including the small ones, depend on the U.S. IPSs, so the the country’s online world will be disrupted.

In conclusion, the decision to scrap net neutrality will go into effect in weeks and some groups are planning to challenge it in the court. Some of these groups include Internet Association, National Hispanic Media Coalition and also Public Knowledge. Others considering legal action are Google and also Facebook.

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