FAQ: How To Check Kplc Bill Via Phone?

You can also check your postpaid bill and access a wide variety of KPLC services fast and easy by dialling the USSD code *977#.

How do I check my KPLC bill on my phone?

How to check KPLC bill using *977# ussd option

  1. Dial *977#
  2. Select on postpaid services(Bill)
  3. Select on My bill.
  4. Enter your account number.
  5. You will receive a message containing your electricity bill and its due date.

How can I check my KPLC postpaid bill?

How to Use KPLC eBill Service

  1. Open a new SMS message service.
  2. Enter the message recipient as 95551.
  3. Enter the first digits of your account number in the message field. e.g., if your account number is 562897-01, enter 562897.
  4. Wait for an automatic reply with your account balance details. E-bill e-mail Service.

How do I check my KPLC account?

Example, if your KPLC account number is 123344-02, just type 123344.3. Then send the message to shortcode 95551. 4. In a matter of seconds, you will receive automatic feedback with all your account details.

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How do I check my KPLC bill via SMS?

KPLC bill query via SMS – check KPLC bill via text

  1. Send your message to the KPLC bill inquiry number 95551.
  2. In a few seconds, you will receive a message containing your current electricity bill and account details.
  3. Besides text, you can also engage with the new Kenya Power contact centre by dialling 97771.

How can I check my postpaid bill?

How can I check my postpaid bill? It is extremely simple to check your postpaid bill and make the postpaid mobile bill payment. You only need to select your mobile operator, type in your mobile number and select postpaid. The system will automatically reflect your online postpaid mobile bill details.

How do I check my bills?

Here is a list of eight ways to tell if a bill is real or counterfeit:

  1. Color-shifting Ink.
  2. Watermark.
  3. Blurry Borders, Printing, or Text.
  4. Raised Printing.
  5. Security Thread with Microprinting.
  6. Ultraviolet Glow.
  7. Red and Blue Threads.
  8. Serial Numbers.

How can I get KPLC token statement?

How to check Kenya power statement via SMS

  1. Go to the messaging menu on your mobile device.
  2. Key in the first six digits of your power meter number on the message field, for instance for a 557799-01 account type in 557799.
  3. Send the message to 95551.

How can I get electricity bill?

How To Pay Electricity Bill Online

  1. Click on the electricity board.
  2. You will get a drop-down of all the states.
  3. Select your state.
  4. Pick your electricity board.
  5. Fill in your consumer number.
  6. Enter the amount.
  7. Pick promo codes of your choice to get Cashback & other offers.
  8. Choose the payment method of your preference.
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How can I check my KPLC status?

Customers can track their application status via USSD code *977#.

How do I get my Kenya Power account number?

To do this, simply go to your token meter box and input the code 804 (Hexing) / 100 (Conlog) / Shenzen (65) then press the enter symbol. If successful, your 11-digit account number will be displayed on the screen.

What is my KPLC PostPaid account number?

How to check my KPLC Post Paid Account details?

  1. Download and install Telegram messenger app.
  2. Signup for telegram.
  3. Search for KenyaPowerBot on the search bar.
  4. Click on Start to show menu.
  5. Select PostPaid from Menu Option.
  6. Enter Account Number.
  7. Press Enter and After Processing Details will be shown.

How do I stop Kenya Power messages?

Kindly stop this subscription ACCOUNT NO:20847984. Stop sms alerts for account no.

How do I send my meter reading to KPLC?

To submit your monthly meter reading, dial *977# and select 2. Post-paid Services, then 4. Self-Reading and then add your account number. If your reading period is closed, you will be advised when to submit your readings.

How do I pay KPLC bill via mpesa?

M-Pesa Pay Bill

  1. Select “Pay Bill” from the M-Pesa menu.
  2. Enter the Kenya Power business number 888 888.
  3. Enter your new Kenya Power account number e.g. 123456.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to pay which should be between Shs.
  5. Enter your M-Pesa PIN.
  6. Confirm that all details are correct.

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