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Microwaves can be expensive, but not the case with the Ramtons RM310. This is one of the most affordable microwaves sold in Kenya. But despite its cheap price, the electric oven is quite useful. It comes with all features needed in heating and grilling food.

Ramtons RM310 Microwave with Grill Kenya

Ramtons RM310 Microwave with Grill | Source: Pixabay

Want to buy the appliance? Well, read on to learn about the Ramtons RM310 Microwave with Grill price in Kenya. See also all its features and specifications.

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Ramtons RM310 Microwave Capacity

The capacity of the appliance is 20 liters, so it has enough space to heat and grill all your food. You can warm enough food for your  whole family in just minutes.

Digital Timer

This timer can read 0-99 minutes, so it is quite reliable. You can set your heating time which will definitely be in the 0-99 minute range. There is also express cooking feature to help set the right time quickly.

Cooking Signal

With this feature, you don’t have to keep checking the heating progress. You just need to wait for the signal to go on then take out your food.

Defrost Capabilities

The microwave can defrost food by weight, so it doesn’t matter the amount of the food, it gets heated in minutes. The appliance also defrosts by time.

Auto Menus

The microwave comes with 6 auto menus. This means that you can do a lot of with the Ramtons appliance. You can grill, deforest, warm meat and vegetables and perform other cooking tasks with this oven.

Glass Turntable

The best thing about this turntable being made of glass is that you can easily detect dirt. It is also easy to clean. Moreover, it heats faster and doesn’t deform with heating.

Material, Color and Size

The main material is metal while the popular color is silver. Concerning size, the appliance weighs 15kg.


The grill power is 1000 watts while that of the microwave is 700 watts. The appliance has 11 power levels, so it is quite reliable.

Ramtons RM310 Microwave Price in Kenya

The cost is in the range KSh. 7,900 and KSh. 8,500 (around $79 and $85). As mentioned above, the microwave is pretty affordable.

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