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Ramtons RM/349 is an advanced electric kettle that comes with some of the best features in the appliance world. It has a water gauge, on/off switch and anti-slip feet, among other awesome features. It is also sold at a fair price. Read on to see Ramtons RM/349 Cordless Kettle specs, features and price in Kenya.

Ramtons RM/349 Cordless Kettle Review, Specs, Features, Price
Ramtons RM/349 | Source: Wikimedia Commons

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Ramtons RM/349 Cordless Kettle Capacity

The RM/349 has a 1.7-liter capacity. It can therefore heat enough water for family members or even office staff.

Heating Element

Consisting of materials that conduct heat quickly, the heating element heats faster to boil your water in a short time. The materials also have high resistance which means that they don’t break or burn out easily.


The kettle has a power rating of between 1850-2200 watts. As you can see, it consumes lesser amount of energy and it can therefore save energy at home or in the office. If you want to keep your power bills low, this is a suitable appliance for you.

Design, Material and Color

As for the design, the Ramtons appliance is pretty smart and also attractive enough to add some beauty in your kitchen. The material is stainless steel which is concealed to prevent rust and also keep harmful elements away from water. Concerning the color, the kettle is white and green.

Other Features

First, there is a water gauge which allows for ease viewing of the water level. There is also an on/off switch which automatically turns off when water boils. More features include anti-slip feet, indicator light, cord storage, boil-dry protection, manual lid opening and also spout with removable and washable filter.

Ramtons RM/349 Cordless Kettle Price in Kenya

The price of Ramtons RM/349 Kettle in Kenya is in the range KSh. 2,500 and KSh. 3000 (around $25 and $30). For cheaper cordless kettles in Kenya, see SYINIX CLP 1802 and also Bruhm BKR172.

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