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The BBI Report has been analyzed on many platforms and I’m sure you know at least a little bit of the document. But in order to fully understand the report, you need to read the 156-page copy in detail.

BBI Report Download, Read Online, Print, Soft Copy
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First, What is BBI?

BBI (Building Bridges’ Initiative) is a journey to accomplish Kenya’s dreams since its independence. It is supposed to address the scourge of ethnic antagonism, and political and economic exclusivity in the country. The initiative has been handled by a committee which has formulated various recommendations and compiled them in a report.

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BBI Report Content

The report contains nine chapters or just points which aim to create a united nation for all Kenyans living in the present time, and all future generations. Check out the chapters/points below:

  • Lack of national ethos, and how to develop a spirit of culture that will unite Kenyans and eliminate negative politics.
  • Ethnic antagonism and competition, and how Kenyans should relate without ethnic profiling or promoting disdain.
  • Responsibilities and rights, and how to ensure human and civil rights of Kenyans are respected and enforced, and advises citizens to embrace their responsibilities.
  • Shared prosperity, and how to remove blockages that hinder innovation and job creation in order to ensure all Kenyans prosper.
  • Divisive elections, and how to ensure elections don’t divide Kenyans or cause ethnic polarization which slow down economic activities.
  • Safety and security, and how to deal with natural and man-made disasters that are likely to affect Kenyans.
  • Devolution, and how to ensure counties deliver to the people and the governments are accountable to the people.
  • Corruption, and how to eliminate the existential threat, and also to ensure that political affiliations are not used to protect the corrupt.
  • Inclusivity, and how public institutions should work to deliver to all Kenyans, plus how Kenyans are required to appreciate their God-given differences.

Read BBI Report Online, Download or Print

There are many online platforms that claim to offer you the full copy only to give you a summary.

Read Full BBI Report Here

From the platform, you can also download the document and print it to have a hard copy. Below, see another reliable platform for BBI Report download.

Download BBI Report Here

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