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Safaricom has partnered with DOT Incorporation to launch a Braille watch. The telecom aims to help the visually impaired and also the blind to use the M-Pesa service. The smartwatch displays notifications, including M-Pesa SMS, in Braille which enables users who don’t see to understand them.

Safaricom Brings DOT Braille Watch For Blind M-Pesa Users
Safaricom DOT Braille Watch | Source: Wiki Commons

Brings Independence and Confidentiality

The watch brings independence to users with this disability as they can now use the service without the help of other people. It also brings a lot of confidentiality since these users can now read the M-Pesa SMS and other notifications privately.

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How Safaricom DOT Braille Watch Works

First, like other smartwatches, the Safaricom DOT Braille Watch synchronizes with a smartphone to allow you access phone content from the watch. Second, it converts text to Braille notations and also displays them on the screen. With the help of the gadget’s intuitive touch controls, the user can then read the text through the normal touch.

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Other Braille Features of the Watch

One main feature is a customizable Auto-Scroll which makes it easy for these users to read long texts. Another feature is a Save button which allows the users to save M-Pesa SMS and also other crucial messages. There is also a call feature to help know the caller without touching the phone. In addition, there is an app feature to allow the user access apps on the wrist device.

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Additional Features

These features are common to other smartwatches and include things like time and date, timer, alarm clock, stopwatch and also calendar. As for the design, the device is light and has a smooth and soft wristband that offers a comfortable feel. Moreover, there is a water and dust-proof cover and a battery with a long life.

In conclusion, DOT also offers a learning program to help people learn and practice Braille letters and words. Their watch also has a Tactile Mode which is pretty helpful to people who don’t understand Braille.

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