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Safaricom has been a leading provider of broadband internet in Kenya. The mobile network operator offers 2G and 3G internet connectivity across the country, and 4G/LTE connectivity in selected areas. Whether you want to explore the web on your mobile phone, tablet or computer, you can do it with the telecom’s internet connection.

Safaricom Internet Bundles Prices Modem Settings
Safaricom Internet Illustration | Source: Wiki Commons

For all Safaricom users, the telecom offers affordable data plans and packages to suit their budgets and connectivity needs. With modems or routers, businesses (and also individuals) can easily access the web, browse and download more content.

The internet is easy to use, and is available to both prepay and post pay customers. Using a mobile phone or tablet, you can easily configure the settings and hit the web running. In the case of a computer, you just need to plug a modem (with Safaricom line), enter a PIN and you are good to go. You can also use Wi-Fi – from a hotspot or mobile device.

In this article, read about Safaricom internet packages and data plan prices and rates, modem and how to configure internet settings. Read also about Safaricom home fibre, Wi-Fi, routers and BigBox.

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Safaricom Internet Bundles and Prices

If you are using a mobile device, you can enjoy a number of data plans, including daily bundles, 7 day bundles, 30 day bundles and 90 day bundles. There is also a platinum tariff plan which comes with big data and other awesome mobile offers.

Other internet plans include All In One Monthly Bundle, Giga Bundle, Tunukiwa, Storo Data and also Power Hour Bundle.

The bundle plans keep changing, but the good thing is that every update comes with cheaper options. Some bundles come with extras and bonuses. For example, in 2015 customers were enjoying free SMS and free internet at night.

The following information was prepared in March, 2019.

Daily Plans

  • KSh. 5 – 7MB
  • KSh. 10 – 15MB
  • KSh. 20 – 50MB
  • KSh. 50 – 150MB
  • KSh. 99 – 500MB

Note: Some of the above packages come with free SMS and WhatsApp.

7 Day Plans

  • KSh. 50 – 100MB
  • KSh. 99 – 350MB
  • KSh. 250 – 1GB
  • KSh. 500 – 3GB

Note: Some of the above packages come with free WhatsApp.

30 Day Plans

  • KSh. 250 – 350MB
  • KSh. 500 – 2GB
  • KSh. 1000 – 5GB
  • KSh. 2000 – 15GB
  • KSh. 3000 – 25GB

Note: Some of the above packages come with free WhatsApp.

90 Day Plans

  • KSh. 3000 – 6GB
  • KSh. 6000 – 16GB
  • KSh. 9000 – 30GB

For more information about the packages, you can dial *544#. Other features available on this menu include Okoa Data, Balance, Buy for Other Number, My Data Manager, Stop Auto Renewal, SIM 4G Check, Sambaza Internet and also Expired Balance.

Note: The internet is also available for Ksh. 2 (airtime) per minute – a plan that doesn’t include data bundles. It is a bit expensive and suits people who do not spend a lot of time on the internet.

For BlackBerry users, Safaricom offers internet services and devices such as BlackBerry Enterprise Solution, BlackBerry Internet Solution, BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Q10 and BlackBerry Q5. In 2012, there was unlimited data plan charged at KSh. 20 per day and a complete plan that cost KSh. 499.

Safaricom Internet Modem and Prices

A Safaricom modem allows you to access internet on your desktop or laptop. The telecom has data packages suitable for this device. You just need to buy it from the Safaricom website or from the window that opens up after launching the modem.

There is a lot more you can do on the modem window, apart from connecting to the web. You can send messages, including MMS, and even access a phone book. There is also a feature that allows you to configure modem settings that suit your needs.

See the modem internet rates below. The information was prepared in March, 2019.

Modem Bundles

  • KSh. 100 – 50MB
  • KSh. 250 – 200MB
  • KSh. 499 – 500MB
  • KSh. 999 – 1.5GB
  • KSh. 1,999 – 3GB
  • KSh. 2,499 – 4GB
  • KSh. 3,999 – 8GB
  • KSh. 9,999 – 20GB
  • KSh. 14,999 – 30GB
  • KSh. 30,000 – 50GB

Note: You can also use the daily bundles on your computer. Using your phone, you just need to buy the bundle for the modem line. You can either use the line on your phone or use the Buy for Other Number Feature and Sambaza Internet features.

So How Much Does a Safaricom Modem Cost?

The price of a 4G Safaricom modem is KSh. 3,999 (roughly $40). The 3G and 2G ones cost Ksh. 1,999 and Ksh. 999 respectively.

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How to Buy or Top-Up Safaricom Data

For customers who need small amounts of data, scratch cards are the best choice for them. The cards are also the best way to purchase the mobile data plans. For modem plans, go to My Prepay Account> Input recharge code> Send. You can then check bundle balance to confirm the purchase.

M-Pesa is another method you can use to purchase internet bundles. It suits both users of large and small amounts of data. With enough cash in your M-Pesa account, go to M-Pesa> Buy airtime. You then need to use the airtime to buy your data package. Alternatively, you can use a universal PIN which you are required first to set up in order to purchase data through M-Pesa. You can also use M-Pesa cash to buy data online from the Safaricom website.

Safaricom Fibre, BigBox and Routers

The telecom is using fibre optic cable to expand wireless internet in Kenya. Its Wi-Fi is convenient and is used in shopping malls, towns, businesses and also public service vehicles.

The BigBox takes your online entertainment experience to another level through internet-enabled digital television decoders. It uses telecom’s home data, and as far as plans are concerned, you can enjoy reduced prices in Easy and BigBox packages.

Safaricom routers suit people who use large amounts of data, such as businesses, institutions and even homes. The 4G routers offer fast internet connection, and have their own data packages.

You can purchase the BigBox and routers from the Safaricom shop, and it is advisable to upgrade to the 4G network as most of these devices work with the fast network which is available mostly in cities and towns.

Safaricom Internet Settings

To get the internet settings on your mobile phone, you can send a blank SMS to 445. You will get a message containing the settings after sending the SMS. To start browsing, you need to save and activate the settings.

You can also configure the settings manually. See the manual process below.

  • Profile Name/Access Point Name – Safaricom
  • APN/ Access Point – safaricom
  • Username/Login – saf
  • Password – data
  • IP/Proxy –
  • Port – 8080

For a modem, you don’t need to configure any settings to access the web, but you can do some simple settings on the modem window to improve on user-friendliness. In the case of the router, you need to set the Network Mode to 4G/LTE.

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Safaricom internet is a high quality network that suits both individuals and businesses. The company itself offers top-notch mobile and mobile-banking services, and is even in ecommerce with Masoko and music with Songa.

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