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Safaricom has significantly cut the price of its home data in an effort to gain some market in the home internet space. According to the telecom’s director for strategy, the company will offer 53 percent off on the mobile broadband which is used in its internet-enabled digital TV decoders.

Safaricom Reduces the Price of Home Data
Safaricom Home Data | Source: Wiki Commons

Easy30 and Easy50 Bundles

To facilitate this cut, Safaricom has launched two new bundles – Easy30 and Easy50. Under the Easy30 package, the telecom will charge KSh. 3,500 for 30GB. On the Easy50 bundle, it will charge KSh. 6,000 for 50GB. The bundles are valid for 30 days and 45 days respectively.

The affordable data will boost the telecom’s nationwide 4G coverage and also ensure homes access high-speed broadband. According to my own experience, the new bundles will dominate the fixed Safaricom home fibre data which comes with some more drawbacks.

BIGBox Data Packages

The BIGBox data packages have also been made cheaper. Customers can enjoy 5GB at KSh. 1,199 and also 15GB at KSh. 3,199, valid for 30 days. According to a reliable survey, the BIGBox is still common among Kenyans, and this is the reason why the telecom has decided to cut down the price of their data plans.

Safaricom Digital TV and Internet Box

With the lowered price, the telecom’s digital TV and internet box will definitely find new customers. The device costs between KSh. 5,999 and KSh. 9,999 depending on how you are active on home fibre. The box comes with features such as Wi-Fi and also personal video recorder.

The decorder has been selling poorly, but the company has added some Android capability in it, increasing its demand.

In conclusion, Safaricom is trying to catch up with Wananchi Group (Zuku) which has been the leader in the data market. The telecom is enticing new customers with its internet, which according to the director, is world-class and also high quality.

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