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In an attempt to promote local artists, Safaricom has launched a new music streaming app – Songa. The app allows local and also international artists to sell their music on an easy-to-use platform. And like any other music streaming platform, it allows music lovers to access music and pre-releases at a fee. Read on to see the Songa app fees, charges or packages, how the app works and how to use it.

Safaricom Launches Songa App for Music Streaming
Songa App on Apple Store | Source: TechAppeala

Songa Available on Google App Store

The app is currently only available on Google App Store, but it is likely to feature on Apple App Store in the near future. To download the app, you just need to head to Google Store, search for it and hit the download button. Alternatively, you can dial *812# on your phone to download the music app.

How Songa App Works

First, the app hosts a world-class curated collection of music and offers a fantastic user interface and also a smooth streaming experience. It has two interfaces – online and offline which provide track and also full album downloads.

How to Use the Music App

As a user, after subscribing to the app, you can browse all major genres through a one-touch access. You can then create a playlist and also share links with other users. On the other hand, as an artist, you need to create an account and start uploading your music with help from an admin.

Songa Music App Fees, Charges and Packages

The service offers a free 14-day trial period, and after that, the user can subscribe for a streaming plan. The available plans include KSh.25 per day, KSh. 150 per week and also KSh. 499 per month.

In conclusion, Safaricom has partnered with African and also oversees music labels and aggregators to boost the music streaming app. As it stands, the app boasts two million local and international songs from over 400,000 artistes.

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