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Samsung 2100mAh Rechargeable Compact Battery Pack is a universal power bank that features a USB port, ON/OFF button and also an LED indicator. As its name suggests, it is rechargeable and therefore a good source of power for your phone and other devices. In this battery pack review, see the Samsung 2100mAh power bank price and also its specs and features.

Samsung 2100mAh Rechargeable Compact Battery Pack Power Bank
Samsung 2100mAh Rechargeable Compact Battery Pack | Source: Wiki Commons

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Samsung 2100mAh Battery Pack Capacity

Well, the capacity is 2100mAh and therefore enough to power your phone. The power bank itself charges faster using the normal power supply, so it is a bit reliable and convenient and saves a lot of your time.

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The battery pack is for Samsung phones, but it can also work with other phone brands, making it universal. It can also work with tablets, media players, speakers, headsets, wearables and cameras.

USB and Other features

As shown in the picture above, the power device has a USB port and comes with a cable, but you can always use your own cable. As for the other features, it spots an LED indicator and also an ON/OFF button.

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One-Touch Operation

To use the power bank, you just need to connect it to your device using a USB cable and then press and hold the ON/OFF button. The LED indicator will light up and may keep flashing until you switch it off. To turn off the power bank, you can just press the button or remove your device and it will go off after some seconds.

Design, Material and Color

Concerning the design, the power gadget is compact and portable. It is small and also light, and so you can carry it in your pocket or bag. It measures 33x73x24mm and weighs 68grams.

As far as material and color are concerned, it features silk, PVC and metal and the main colors are white, blue and black.

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Samsung 2100mAh Rechargeable Compact Battery Pack Price in Kenya

So what is the price of the Samsung 2100mAh battery pack in Kenya? Well, the cost of the power bank is in the range KSh. 1,600 and KSh. 2,000 (about $16 and $20). It is just a cheap way to listen to more music, load more apps and games and also watch more videos without worrying about the battery life.

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