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As the name suggests, Samsung 30,000mAh works with Samsung smartphones, but it can be tried on other phone models. According to my own experience, it can help you listen more music, load more apps, play more games and watch even more videos without ever worrying about battery life. Read on this Samsung 30,000mAh Powerbank review to learn about the gadget price in Kenya and also all its specs and features.

Samsung 30,000mAh Powerbank Kenya
Samsung 30,000mAh Powerbank | Source: Wikimedia Commons

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Samsung 30,000mAh Powerbank Capacity

As indicated in the name, the power bank has a rating of 30,000mAh. This is a large capacity, and according to the manufacturer, it is an ultra high one. There are only a few banks with this capacity as it stands.

The battery is a lithium-ion one and provides faster charging. It can also hold enough power for three smartphones or one tablet.


The powerbank works best with Samsung phones, but as indicated above, it can work with other devices. It can be used on all mobile phones, tablets and also media players. It can also work with digital cameras and Bluetooth headsets.

USB Cable and Other Features

The Samsung powerbank uses a micro USB which is now the most preferred connector for Android and Apple devices. Concerning the other features, there are things such as LED indicators and also universal USB extended battery.


The gadget comes with a portable and lightweight design. It is easy to carry and also easy to use. You can put it in your pocket and go on with your daily tasks without any discomfort.

Material and Color

The main materials are silk and metal. On the other hand, the popular colors include black and white.

Samsung 30,000mAh Powerbank Price in Kenya

The price ranges between KSh. 2,800 and KSh. 3,500 (about $28 and $35). For a cheaper powerbank with near-similar specs in Kenya, see Generic Polymer 20,000mAh.

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