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Sapphire WGFNTLA24H TV is from a little-known tech company, but carries desirable features like other TVs from established companies. It has a full HD display and connectivity features such as USB, HDMI and also an AV input. Here are the Sapphire WGFNTLA24H 24-inch TV specs and features and also the price in Kenya.

Sapphire WGFNTLA24H 24-Inch TV Review, Specs, Features and Price in Kenya
Sapphire WGFNTLA24H | Source: Wiki Commons

Sapphire WGFNTLA24H Specs, in Brief

  • Display – 24 Inches
  • Connectivity – HDMI, AV IN, RF, USB, etc
  • Multimedia – Speaker, Home Mode, Movie Mode, etc
  • Power – AC 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • Material – PVC
  • Price – KSh. 12, 000

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Sapphire WGFNTLA24H TV Screen and Display

The best thing about the WGFNTLA24H screen is that it is full HD. The 24-inch display delivers vivid picture with better color and stunning clarity. Other screen features include the LED technology and a high resolution.

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Connectivity and Related Features

First, the TV has a USB port that allows you to connect a memory drive or HDD and access movies, photos or music on a big screen. Second, there is an HDMI port for connecting a computer or a HDMI-enabled device. Other connectivity features include an AV Input, VGA, digital tuner, Headphone Input, SCART, coaxial and also an RF In.


The main feature here is a built-in speaker that delivers dynamic sound for better home entertainment. Other multimedia features include a Home Mode for an ample room enjoyment, and also a Movie Mode for a cinematic feeling. For other TVs with a Movie Mode, see Skyworth 32E2000, Bruhm BFP 32LETW and also Lightwave E3211ST2.

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Power and Energy Efficiency

The Sapphire TV requires a power supply source of AC 220-240 50/60Hz, just like other home electronics. The power consumption stands at 50 Watts while the standby consumption is 0.5 Watts. Concerning the energy efficiency, the device saves energy and is also safe on the environment.

Design, Material and Color

As for the design, the TV has a slim stylish design and looks elegant in your room. It measures 5540x335x76mm and weighs 2.5kg. When it comes to the material and color, it features PVC and the popular color is black.

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Sapphire WGFNTLA24H TV Price in Kenya

So how much does the Sapphire WGFNTLA TV cost in Kenya? Well, the price of the TV is between KSh. 12,000 and KSh. 17,000 (around $120 and $170). For another cheap TV in Kenya, see LED 17D5/17LN49.

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