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Saturn ST-CC0211 1800W Iron has a ceramic sole plate and can perform both dry and steam ironing. It also features steam and temperature selectors, so it offers hassle-free ironing. In this Saturn ST-CC0211 review, see the steam iron’s specs, features and price in Kenya.

Saturn ST-CC0211 Steam Iron Review, Specs, Features and Price in Kenya
Saturn ST-CC0211 | Source: Wiki Commons

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Saturn ST-CC0211 Steam Iron Sole Plate

The sole plate features ceramic and is a non-stick one. According to my own experience, it is pretty smooth on your clothes, so it doesn’t jag or cause folding lines.

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Heating Protection

Like most irons, the ST-CC0211 has a special cover that keeps the upper outer part at the normal temperature. It also has a heating mechanism that prevents excessive heating.

Temperature Settings and Control

As mentioned above, the appliance has a temperature selector which allows you to set the right ironing heat. It can therefore straighten a variety of fabrics and also even out those with tough creases. In addition, there is a light indicator to alert you of power and also excessive heating.

Water Spray System

First, the system has a 180-ml transparent tank which holds the water. When it comes to the spray, the system has a steam selector which helps produce a vertical steam or burst of steam to ease ironing.

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Design and Other Features

Concerning the design, the Saturn appliance is compact, light and also usable. As for the other features, it has a self-clean function which helps keep the appliance clean and thus durable.

Material and Color

The main materials are PVC and iron, but there is also some rubber. As far as color is concerned, the appliance spots blue and white.

Power and Energy Efficiency

The power rating stands at 1800W which is enough for producing burst of steam and also removing tough creases. On the side of energy efficiency, the iron saves energy and it therefore doesn’t significantly increase your power bills.

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Saturn ST-CC0211 Steam Iron Price in Kenya

So what is the cost of the Saturn ST-CC0211 Steam Iron in Kenya? Well, the price is between KSh. 1200 and KSh. 2000 (around $12 and $20).

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