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According to my own experience, Sayona SI2084 is quite effective and also efficient in removing tough creases on your clothes. The dry iron box has a 1200W power rating and features a non-stick sole plate and also temperature control. Read this Sayona SI2084 review to see the iron box specs and features and also its price in Kenya.

Sayona SI2084 Dry Iron Box Price in Kenya, Specs, Features, Review
Sayona SI2084 | Source: Wikimedia Commons

Sayona SI2084 Iron Sole Plate

The sole plate features stainless steel, so it doesn’t rust or disintegrate easily. But the best thing about it is that it is non-stick, and this means that it doesn’t accumulate dirt. It just doesn’t add dirt to your clothes.

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Overheating Protection

To protect you from accidental electrical fires, the SI2084 has an overheating protection feature which switches the appliance off when there is a power surge. It also has an external cover that protects you from internal heat.

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Temperature Control

The temperature control is pretty excellent in this iron box. With the help of a dial, you can set the right temperature for your clothes. So the ironing appliance is good for hard fabric and also for the soft one which requires less temperature.

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Design, Material and Color

As shown in the photo above, the Sayona iron box has a streamlined body, so it is efficient in ironing. It is also light and user-friendly which means that you don’t tire a lot when working with it. As for the material and color, it features metal and also PVC, and the main color is white.

Power and Energy Efficiency

As stated above, the power rating stands at 1200W which is enough to fight tough creases. Concerning the energy efficiency and based on my own experience, the appliance saves energy and therefore it doesn’t increase your power bills.

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Sayona SI2084 Iron Price in Kenya

The price of Sayona SI2084 in Kenya is in the range KSh. 1000 and KSh. 1200 (around $10 and $12).

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