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Sayona Toaster and Sandwich Maker is a low-cost appliance, but it is pretty useful at home. It ensures that you get your favorite toast or sandwich in time. It has a non-stick coated plate, thermostat cutout control and also indicator lamps, among other awesome features. Read on to see Sayona Toaster and Sandwich Maker price in Kenya and also all its specs and features.

Sayona Toaster and Sandwich Maker
Sayona Toaster and Sandwich Maker | Source: Wikimedia Commons

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Sayona Toaster and Sandwich Maker Preparation Plate

As mentioned above, this plate is coated and also non-stick. Covered with a safe material, the plate doesn’t pass harmful metal elements to the bread. Since it is non-stick, it doesn’t get dirt easily and is also easy to clean.

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Thermostat Cutout Control

This feature controls the temperature of the appliance. When a certain temperature is exceeded, the control system disconnects the power supply. This ensures that you get a well-prepared sandwich and also your appliance is safe from damaging heat.

Overheat Safety Protection

This mechanism keeps the outer body cool even when temperatures are high in the interior. It therefore protects you from burns and also keeps the exterior surface looking new.

Indicator Lamps

These lamps signal you about any changes on the food preparation process. It tells you when temperatures are abnormal, when the interior is overheating and also when your bread is ready.

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The toaster and sandwich has a power rating of 230V/50Hz. It consumes low energy and it is therefore quite energy efficient.

Design, Material and Color

First, the toaster is compact and also small in size, so it doesn’t consume a lot of your kitchen space. Second, the main material is metal while the popular color is black.

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Sayona Toaster and Sandwich Maker Price in Kenya

The price is in the range KSh. 1,400 and KSh. 2,600 (around $14 and $26). As mentioned above, it is a cheaply priced appliance. It is basically a cheap way to enjoy your favorite toast or sandwich at home or in the office.

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